The UK today faces many problems, but how do we get the vital radical policies needed to solve them? Not with a Parliament of party-political careerist MPs who have quietly hi-jacked our democratic system. They control their Backbenchers through Open Voting and a pernicious Whip System - and will never allow essential radical policies to rock their boat. Radical policies can cost votes and could put their re-election in jeopardy - and to a careerist ('get rich quick') MP, re-election offen comes before conscience, and not necessarily what is best for Society. The great disillusionment with politics, is not that our problems are intractable: some are complex it is true, but many could be solved in an afternoon in Parliament - what is lacking is the Will to grasp the nettle - a Will which MPs with a sense of Vocation have, but Careerists do not. I suggest that the disillusionment comes less with politics itself than with the self-serving political elite, mired by Expenses scandals, lavish salaries and second homes. A world away from the reality of Society at large.

This is why I founded The 30-50 Coalition: to link the Idealism of the Young (Under 30) with the Life-Experience of the Mature (Over 50). The 30-50 Coalition is registered with the Electoral Commission and its first objective therefore is a cross-Party Campaign to secure 12 extra Seats in Parliament guaranteed by Statute for independent, non-party-aligned, MPs to breathe a fresh wind through the stuffy, self-interested corridors of power. Only if these Seats are guaranteed by Statute will the most experienced men and women feel it worthwhile to stand, for without money, organisation and media coverage how can they otherwise hope to get elected and represent the very people who need them most?

The 30-50 Coalition's PPC, Elliot Ball, will contest the Bethnal Green and Bow constituency, and if elected he will campaign Nation-wide in 2019 from a position of independent strength for the election of 12 further Independent Candidates. We rely on you to -

"Say YES to 12 extra!"

and bring democratic debate back into our failing two-party system. If you can help us with money or manpower we'll have an even greater chance of success - but just one Vote at a time will do! We in The 30-50 Coalition will fight for Democracy and a Fair Society whatever the odds. Neither The 30-50 Coalition, nor Elliot our PPC, are in this for the money, and he has already pledged that if he wins he will give half his basic MPs salary to Charities in Bethnal Green and Bow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this: I hope you'll like what you've read.

Best wishes

Richard Franklin

Chairman and founder of the 30-50 coalition