10 Point Charter

  1. Social Housing to top the political agenda
  2. Safeguard our NHS: Profit and Care don't mix
  3. Abolish MP's Expenses: Free travel and use of state-owned one-bed flat for attendance in Parliament
  4. Replace the Minimum Wage with a Living Wage
  5. CEO's annual salaries to be limited to 20 times that of the lowest paid worker. Company employees to receive bonuses in proportion
  6. Free Education for all from nursery to university
  7. Europe: Promote a positive and functional two-way relationship
  8. Legalise and regulate recreational drugs: A shift from criminalisation to rehabilitation
  9. Close tax loopholes: No exemptions for global corporations
  10. "Say YES to 12 extra": 12 extra seats in Parliament reserved by Statute for fully Independent MP's

For the Future:

a) Radical reform and simplification of the tax system

b) Scrap the benefit system (Except sickness benefit and child provision) with a Citizens Income (CI) plus Worthwhile Work Obligation (WWO)